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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 23rd May 2020

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 23rd May 2020

Welcome to Daily Current Affairs Quiz 23rd May 2020

1. ‘Agappe Chitra Magna’ is a

A rare palm endemic to the South Andaman Island is replanted at which of the following place?

3. Which of the following country has developed "i-Feel you", an intelligent bracelet which will help users respect social distancing rules?
4. Which nation has announced its intention of withdrawing itself from the Open Skies Treaty?
5. When was International Day for Biological Diversity observed?
6. The International Cricket Council's (ICC) Cricket Committee chaired by which indian cricketer has recommended the ban on the use of saliva to shine balls during the matches?
7. Four-time Grand Slam singles champion Ashley Cooper passed away recently at the age of 83. His only loss in 1958 came in which Grand Slam Tournament.?
8. Consider the following statements, Choose the correct statement?
1. India is the second largest fish producer in the world.
2. As pert the Economic Survey 2020, Kerala is the largest fish producing states in India.
9. Which sports event becomes the world's first major sports event to resume after COVID-19 lockdown
10. Consider the following statements, With reference to Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY), consider the following statements?
1. It is a Pension Scheme exclusively for the senior citizens aged 60 years and above.
2.  The Scheme can be purchased offline as well as online through Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority.
Which of the given above statements is/are correct?

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