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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 27th May 2020

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 27th May 2020

Welcome to Daily Current Affairs Quiz 27th May 2020


Which of the following state government inaugurated the ‘Everybody will get employment’ scheme through video conferencing?


Which of the following nation has postponed its discussion on constitutional amendment to update its map?


Consider the following statement choose the correct one?
1)A new species of small freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae has came up in Velankanni in Tamil Nadu.
2) The Puntius species are known locally as ‘Paral’ in Kerala and ‘Kende’ in Tamil Nadu.
3) They are fresh & salt water fishes


HIL INDIA, a PSU under the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals is to supply 25 MT Malathion Technical for supply to locust control programme to which country under Government to Government arrangement?


 Which of the following state will soon sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Assam Agriculture University (AAU) to get geographical indication (GI) registration for three local crops - Khamti Lahi rice, Tawang maize and Adi ginger (Kekir)?


Which of the f following education has prepared a ‘Cyber Security Handbook’ to make students from class 9th to 12th aware about cyber security?


Recently India set up military war game centre ‘INDIA’ in which of the following country?


Consider the following statement choose the correct one?
1. The Government of Karnataka started the preliminary works on implementing the Solar Fence Farmland Protection Programme, under the Central Agriculture Improvement Scheme.
2. This scheme is to protect agricultural lands of the districts which have the western ghats as their boundaries and are at risk of animal(Elephant) attacks.


Recently, Leading agri-commodity bourse NCDEX  said it will launch the country's first agri-futures index, Name it?


Which of the following country successfully destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle with a solid-state laser "Laser Weapon System Demonstrator " from Pacific?

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