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: UPSC-2017 Prelim Cum Mains Batch Admission Open / UPSC-2017 Prelim Cum Mains Batch Admission Open / UPSC-2017 Prelim Cum Mains Batch Admission Open


Welcome to Indian IAS Academy (UPSC)

Civil services, Judiciary, and Legislature are the strong pillars of the biggest democracy of the world, Republic of India. In fact, the Civil Services offer a unique career opportunity combined with constructive challenges and high growth prospects. The Civil Services of India refer to the civil service and the permanent bureaucracy of the Government of India which conducting on the basis of the annual Civil Services Examination, under the control of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) to select the reputed Candidates to Govern India. The All India Services are the three all India Civil Services of India, namely the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Indian Forest Service (IFS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS). By getting into the civil services, you will not only be associated with the decision-makers and implementers of policies & programmes but you will also be a crucial contributor as policy maker to the development of the nation as a whole. In fact, it is an opportunity to serve the country.

In addition to, the Indian Administrative Service was expected to promote national integration, from a social as well as a spatial point of view. Yet, despite the reservation policy, this elite body lacks representativeness. The partisanship of IAS officers along caste, religious and ethnic lines has further reduced their efficiency as a binding force of the nation. Being an All-India Service, the IAS encourages the spatial mobility of its members, which is not always welcome by officers posted in far-off states or in disturbed areas. In these places, the vacancy of postings in the higher administration is a sign of desertion that is contrary to the IAS mission of territorial integration. Indian IAS Academy proudly provides a wide guidance for the candidates those choose this prestigious Civil Service as their career.